Men suicide every single
day in Australia

We can change this

Spur Projects is an evolving idea: We believe that to tackle the rate of suicide amongst men in Australia, bold new approaches to suicide prevention are required.

We produce a wide range of innovative mental health projects that give men the resources, skills and language they need in order to take positive action for their mental health.

We exist to make it an easier option for men to take positive action than to suicide

We know that the risk of suicide diminishes drastically when people have help and support. For many men, however, there are a range of barriers to taking action for their mental health.

That needs to change, and we exist to change that.

With 20% of Australians experiencing mental health issues in any given 12 month period2, we know that it’s an issue that affects us all.

1 Causes of Death ABS, 2012
2 "Creating a mentally healthy workplace", PWC 2014

Our Approach


We give men the resources to take control of their mental health before the tough-times come.


We have simple, accessible, non-clinical, action-oriented conversations about mental health.


We engage people without them even realising it's for their mental health.

Embedded Action

All projects involve active participation, rather than passive observation

Dissected Approaches

Different demographics require different approaches and mediums.


Our projects connect people and harness the power of groups.


How is The World Feeling?

The world's largest, real-time, mental health survey

How is Your Organisation Feeling?

Understand the mental health of your workforce in real-time

How is Australia Feeling?

What would it mean if we knew how everyone was feeling in real-time?


Suicide prevention never gets old

Men aged 80+ suicide at a rate twice the national average.
Just one hour can change that.

Fuck Up Night

Let's celebrate the fuck ups we make

In bars and cafes across the world,
people gather to share their stories of failure

The Blue Letterbox

Harnessing the connectedness of rural & remote areas

1,00,000 letterboxes
1,000,000 commitments to positive mental health

Soften the Fck Up

Australia, we need to talk...

We don't need to redefine masculinity.
We need to undefine it.

Get Silent. Get Heard.

Australia goes silent on mental health

Think talking about how you’re feeling is challenging?
Try not talking at all.

This is a
Conversation Starter

Mental health is no laughing matter

12 Aussie Comedians. 12 Aussie Bands. 12 Songs about mental health.

The All-Volunteer Team

Lee Crockford

Damon Klotz

Will Smith-Stubbs

Brett Scholz

Benjamin Moriarty

Emmy Singh

Nick Sterkenberg

Emilia McNamara

Peter Johnston

Adrian Tynan

Ben Andrews

Andrea Hannah

This is great! I lost a very close friend to suicide just a few short years ago. I hope these projects reach and change lives. Keep up the great work.

I f*cking love this!!!! I'm going to talk about this with everyone I know.

This saved me 6 months ago. Things haven't really changed since then but my perspective has, and I'm happier now. Thank you.


  1. We believe that there is no such thing as a typical Aussie male.

  2. What we do can, and will, create change.

  3. All men have the capacity to take control of their mental health and seek help when needed.

  4. Being courageous means challenging the status quo, asking the tough questions and starting the important conversations.

  5. We value agility and flexibility. Taking action is more important than dwelling for too long on a single idea.

  6. Empowerment comes from co-creation. We give people the space to work with us to reconstruct their experiences.

  7. We believe in staying authentic to the message and cause. We stay true to our words.

  8. We maintain our innovation by remaining fresh, optimistic, disruptive & dynamic.